Bathroom Ceiling Lights

Bathroom lighting can create a soft and homely feel or a clean and fresh look, depending on your preference.

All of the bathroom ceiling lights below will have an IP rating. IP stands for "Ingress Protection" and this explains how protected a product is against moisture and dust. You must choose the correct IP rating for the area into which the product will be installed. Below is a helpful guide to the bathroom zones, however we recommend talking to a qualified electrician.

Zone 0 - The area inside the bath or shower. Must be low voltage (max 12v). At least IP67 is required in this zone.

Zone 1 - This is the area above the shower or bath up to 2.25m. At least IP44 is required.

Zone 2 - This area is the area 60cm beyond the edge of the bath or shower up to a height of 2.25m. At least IP44 is required.

The lighting circuit in a bathroom should be protected by an RCD.