Italian Lighting

The living room is one of the most important areas in your house. It’s the one room where you need to be able to relax and let go of all the stresses and strains of the day. It’s time to put your feet up and enjoy a moment reflecting on why your life is good. The last thing you need is unsuitable lighting. Imagine the the frustration of a misplaced spotlight shining in your eyes as you sip on your hot chocolate. 

The best way to light your living room is to use a mixture of different lighting sources. For instance a combination of wall and ceiling lights together with the odd table or floor lamp is ideal.

Most people will have a ceiling light as the main light source. These are available in various sizes, usually with three, five or eight arms. If you are looking for something more unusual then Italian lighting is the best place to look. Italian lighting is very often the most stunning lighting available. If you have tall ceilings then you are very lucky, it means you’ve got a bit more room to have some fun with your lighting choice. Why not go for something with some character and make everyone stop and say “Wow”.

If you got space then you can choose some matching wall lights to go with your Italian ceiling lights. In the same room it is usually best to keep these designs from the same range otherwise it can look incongruous.

Supplementary lighting like table lamps are also great. These don’t have to be from the same range as the ceiling lights but it’s best if you can tie up the two designs often by matching the colour.

Accent lighting can create a gentle ambience which is calming. This can be done by tucking lights behind sofas or in corners where they are obscured from view but are able to cast a pool of light.

Floor lamps also very effective, particularly if you like to read. Task lights are available with flexible heads to adjust the beam of light to exactly where you want it to be.